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Ethereum network's hashrate is 694,842.97 GH/s,mining difficulty is 9,251.72T

According to data from,ethereum network's hashrate is694,842.97 GH/s,mining difficulty is9,251.72T. ETH's price :$ 2,869.92 Avg Gas Price:127.00Gwei Pending Txs :152817

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Following SEC notice, Coinbase abandons plan for crypto lending program

United States-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced it will not be pursuing its Lend crypto lending program. In a Sept. 17 update to a blog announcing the program in June, Coinbase hinted at difficulties in regulatory clarity across the crypto industry in its decision to not bring the crypto lending product to the market. According to the exchange, “hundreds of thousands of customers from across the country” had already signed up for Lend, a program that aimed at offering 4% annual yield returns on deposits of USD Coin (USDC). The announcement comes less than two weeks after the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, threatened Coinbase with legal action if the exchange launched Lend, which it has deemed a security under its purview. Coinbase chief legal officer Paul Grewal later claimed the lending product was not an “investment contract or a note” and questioned the SEC’s decision as lacking clarification. At the time, the exchange said it would be pushing the launch of Lend back “until at least October.”

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Fortune launches philanthropic fund for journalism on Ethereum

American business magazine Fortune has launched a new decentralized donations fund alongside nonfungible token (NFT) artist Pplpleasr, with proceeds earmarked for independent journalists and programs that foster journalistic integrity.  The new Fortune Journalism PleasrFund was launched on the Ethereum blockchain through Endaoment, a charity-focused decentralized autonomous organization, the company announced Monday. So far, the fund has been allocated 214.55 Ether (ETH), worth roughly $660,000 at current prices, which represents half of the proceeds of a limited edition Pplpleasr NFT sale commissioned by Fortune that concluded in August. The first four beneficiaries of the fund are Report for America/The GroundTruth Project Inc., Institute for Nonprofit News, Committee to Protect Journalists Inc. and Reporters Without Borders. Each organization will receive an initial distribution of approximately $165,000 from Fortune and Pplpleasr. 

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‘We are at war’ with crypto, says Turkish President Erdoğan

Turkey is eager to become a blockchain hub as a country with one leg in Europe and another in Asia. However, the same passion doesn’t apply to cryptocurrencies, as Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdoğan reiterated recently. Erdoğan hosted a question-and-answer event in Mersin, Turkey with youth from across the country. An attendant referred to the Digital Turkish Lira Collaboration Platform announced last week and asked if the central bank would embrace cryptocurrencies. He also asked Erdoğan about his opinions on crypto. “We have absolutely no intention of embracing cryptocurrencies,” answered the president, adding:

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Data doesn’t show Bitcoin as an inflation hedge at present, according to Chainalysis

Data from blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis suggests that Bitcoin (BTC) may not be the hedge against inflation that many seem to believe it is. “Right now, we can't show a statistically significant correlation between inflation in the US and Bitcoin prices, but we know anecdotally that many people invest in Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation,” Chainalysis’ head of research, Kim Grauer, told Cointelegraph on Aug. 31 when asked about her thoughts on current inflation in the United States and its impact on Bitcoin. U.S. inflation has been a hot topic over the past year or two. Back in June, reports showed that inflation in the U.S. was reaching levels unseen in over a decade.

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News expands insurance program to cover $750M

Digital currency exchange has expanded its insurance policy to cover up to $750 million worth of digital assets, offering an additional layer of protection for the platform’s 10 million users.  The new policy, effective since Sept. 6, is backed by Arch Underwriting, a division with Lloyd’s Syndicate 12, the company announced Monday. The policy, which includes both direct and indirect custodian coverage, applies to’s cold storage assets held on Ledger Vault. The policy is the largest in the cryptocurrency industry, exceeding the over $700-million coverage purchased by digital custodian BitGo earlier this year. Digital asset companies are expanding their insurance coverage to protect against physical damage and, perhaps more importantly, third-party theft.

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Solana attributes major outage to denial-of-service attack targeting DEX offering

Solana has attributed the 17-hour outage it suffered last week to a denial-of-service attack aimed at Grape Protocol’s Sept. 14 initial DEX offering (IDO). In a Sept. 21 blog post, the Solana Foundation stated that bots spammed the network as Grape launched its IDO on the Solana-based decentralized exchange (DEX) Raydium at 12:00 UTC last Tuesday. The botting activity overwhelmed the network with a transaction load of 400,000 per second, with Solana noting that “unbounded growth of the forwarder queues and resource-heavy blocks” resulted in a number of forks being automatically proposed to the network.

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El Salvador acts on Bitcoin price dip and buys 150 BTC

Despite warnings from global agencies regarding its adoption of Bitcoin (BTC), El Salvador’s government continues to seize market opportunities.  As the Bitcoin price fell below $46,000 on Monday morning, Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele announced on Twitter that the country has “bought the dip.” With 150 new coins, the Central American government now holds 700 BTC, worth close to $32 million at the time of writing. In an obvious nod to the “not financial advice” disclaimers shown around the crypto ecosystem, Bukele shared his “presidential advice” by reminding, “They can never beat you if you buy the dips.”

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Indians opt for state-run blockchain platform amid bulk SMS regulations

India’s state-owned telecom Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has registered 7,477 businesses on its blockchain-based communication platform after authorities imposed new regulations to protect consumers from spam and fraud. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) established messaging regulations that require scrubbing consumer communication messages to ensure that the receiver of the message has opted in for such interactions. The drive is supported by BSNL DLT, a content verification platform built on ledger-based blockchain protocols. As the SMS regulation is applicable for all industry verticals, the list of 7,477 registrations includes banks, educational institutions and private businesses. TRAI had reportedly warned about blocking communications of non-compliant entities, as an official said:

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Senator Warren’s office confuses MakerDAO for failed 2016 project The DAO

Recent dialogue between MakerDAO developers and the office of anti-crypto Senator Elizabeth Warren’s has revealed a concerning lack of familiarity with the current decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. On Sept. 20, a screenshot began circulating on social media appearing to show dialogue between members of the MakerDAO community discussing the conclusions from a recent meeting between representatives of the project and the office of Senator Warren. In the screenshot, pseudonymous MakerDAO Governance delegate “PaperImperium” claims to have spent much of the time convincing Warren that Maker is not the same project as The DAO — an infamous early experiment in decentralized autonomy organizations (DAOs) that suffered a major hack before failing in 2016.

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Institutional investors increase their crypto holdings for 5th straight week

Cryptocurrency assets held by institutional managers rose for a fifth consecutive week, a sign that market participants had once again flipped bullish on Bitcoin (BTC) and the leading altcoins.  Investment flows into crypto products totaled $42 million in the week ending on Sept. 19, with Bitcoin funds seeing inflows of $15 million, according to digital asset manager CoinShares. That’s only the third time in 16 weeks that BTC investment products saw positive inflows. All major assets registered a weekly increase, with investors buying up $6.6 million worth of Ether (ETH) products and $3.7 million worth of multi-asset funds. Investors also allocated $4.8 million towards Solana (SOL), disregarding a denial-of-service disruption earlier this week as a result of network congestion.

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BBA pushes for crypto regulatory clarity in Massachusetts

The Boston Blockchain Association, or BBA, together with Boston-based media house Media Shower and the Chamber of Digital Commerce, are working to lobby for favorable crypto regulations in Massachusetts. According to a release issued on Monday, the BBA in collaboration with Media Shower and the Chamber of Digital Commerce has released a crypto regulatory toolkit for lawmakers in the state. Dubbed the Massachusetts Edition of the Legislator’s Toolkit for Blockchain Technology, the document reportedly aims to guide the state's policymakers toward enacting laws that will benefit the cryptocurrency industry within the Commonwealth.

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Texas following El Salvador? Poll shows 37% of residents want crypto payments

A new poll from Newsweek suggests that as many as 10.8 million Texans may support legislation that makes cryptocurrency legal in the next election. According to a Sept. 20 report, a Newsweek poll that surveyed more than 9,700 eligible voters across ten U.S. states suggested that 37% of Texas residents would vote in favor of a ballot measure to make crypto legal, while 42% said they would support crypto-friendly legislation similar to that in Wyoming. With a population of roughly 29 million people as of 2021, Texas could have more than 10 million residents supporting the adoption of cryptocurrencies. The results of the poll, conducted by United Kingdom-based firm Redfield & Wilton Strategies between Aug. 20 and 24, came prior to two pieces of crypto legislation taking effect in Texas. The state’s House Bills 1576 and 4474, respectively, establish a blockchain working group and amend the state's Uniform Commercial Code to recognize cryptocurrencies under commercial law.

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FTX crypto exchange expands to Bahamas with new registration

FTX, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, continues expanding operations by inking major regulatory approval in The Bahamas. The Securities Commission of The Bahamas has registered FTX Digital Markets, the Bahamian subsidiary of the global FTX crypto exchange, as an official digital asset business, the firm announced Sept. 20. The regulatory approval is granted under the Digital Asset Registered Bill of The Bahamas, the country’s new digital asset-related legislation that came into force in late 2020. Also known as the DARE Act, the legislation establishes a comprehensive regulatory framework for digital asset operations in The Bahamas, regulating and supervising virtual asset service providers.

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Robinhood users may soon be able to withdraw crypto for the first time

Retail-trading platform Robinhood is reportedly testing a long-awaited digital wallet feature that enables users to send and receive crypto-assets such as Bitcoin (BTC). Bloomberg reported the rumor on Sept. 21, with the publication claiming to have seen screenshots of a withdrawal interface in a beta version of the wallet feature in Robinhood’s IOS app. While details are sparse, Bloomberg also claims to have seen a waitlist where users will be able to sign up for the new digital asset wallet. “The app also has code referring to cryptocurrency transfers,” the report added.

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Thai SEC issues license to Ethereum-based real estate project

The Securities Exchange and Commission of Thailand has a license to an asset-backed token offering service based on the Ethereum blockchain. Fraction, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based fintech firm Fraction Group, has received a license allowing it to list and trade tokens for fractional ownership of physical or digital assets, the firm announced Thursday. The license was granted through the Thai SEC’s official portal for initial coin offering established back in 2018. The license lays out the foundation for Fraction’s upcoming service for asset digitization and fractionalization, referred to as an initial fraction offering (IFO).

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Ethereum network's hashrate is 672,292.23 GH/s,mining difficulty is 9,037.82T

According to data from,ethereum network's hashrate is672,292.23 GH/s,mining difficulty is9,037.82T. ETH's price :$ 2,995.59 Avg Gas Price:127.00Gwei Pending Txs :139018

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Coinbase signs new $1.36M contract with US Customs enforcement agency

Leading U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has secured a contract to develop tech for the Department of Homeland Security worth as much as $1.36 million. Under the agreement, Coinbase has been contracted to deliver “application development software as a service” for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement division (ICE). The contract took effect on Sept. 16 and will see Coinbase receive $455,000 from the department. However, the contract could be extended to last for up to three years in total, which would see Coinbase receive up to roughly $1.36 million.

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Ethereum network's hashrate is 680,454.84 GH/s,mining difficulty is 9,048.99T

According to data from,ethereum network's hashrate is680,454.84 GH/s,mining difficulty is9,048.99T. ETH's price :$ 3,319.40 Avg Gas Price:127.00Gwei Pending Txs :132357

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American CryptoFed DAO seeks US SEC consent for stable utility tokens

American CryptoFed DAO, a Wyoming-based decentralized autonomous organization, has filed two forms with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, to launch two variants of inter-dependent stablecoins named Locke and Ducat. According to CryptoFed’s Form 10 submission, the tokens are awaiting their registration as utility tokens hosted on the in-house CryptoFed blockchain. However, SEC’s Form 10 is used to register securities for potential trading on U.S. exchanges and is thus not intended for so-called utility listings.  The form submission entitles CryptoFed to automatically be recognized as a DAO in the U.S. after 60 days from the initial filing date, regardless of any outstanding SEC comments.

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